Ethnic food joke contest

As you remember, last year the Snooze ran the critically acclaimed tea joke contest. Those who entered know that it was a very competitive joke contest. You will remember that the prize was a bag of pignoli nuts or tub of Trader Joe's chocolates. That contest had over 100 entries, and twenty winners.

The topic this year is “ethnic food” Any type of ethnic food. The prize is a box of Thin Mints girl scout cookies, or if substitutions are required, a miscellaneous item with a religious motif. The deadline is April 30th but may be extended to July 31st if the jokes don't come in fast enough. Last year, everyone was a winner and received a present or an honorable mention. This year, well it depends on how many entries there are. Good luck!

Much like the tea pot joke contest, this one is on ethnic food.

An example joke

What happens when you eat too much tahini?
You falafel!

Ha Ha!

If you've got one submit it here.

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