About TheSnooze Staff

Cathie, Editor or Chief

Started writing a long time ago and not able to give it up really.

Mensch, Writer

Mensch is a metallurgist, scientist and regular contributor to TheSnooze. His commentaries range from factual articles about the History of Germans in Science and the Arts to heated opinionated debates from an Ohio hick perspective. He also follows the Amish closely. After all, when they're rolling along in a buggy you can practically follow them on foot. He also plays the zither and trains shiba inus.

Teree, Editor, Joke Contests

Teree is a pianist and composer in her true element, and yeah, now she's a CPA. Teree was graduated from Indiana University with a major in Religious Studies and minor in Music. After graduation, she moved to Washington DC where she interned at The McLaughlin Group, fetching John McLaughlin things like hot cocoa, and one particularly crucial day, a safety pin. "None of the guys could find one, everybody was running around the office and John McLaughlin was shouting from the other room, 'get me Theresa, get me Theresa!' when I ran in he turned to me and said, 'You've never failed me before. Find me a safety pin!' So I went down to news and asked the ladies. One of them found one in her purse. When I returned with the pin, John was very pleased." Worked in film production for a log time, list of work credits is not nearly as exciting as the stories that went with them, but here some are none the less: National Geographic, White House Honors, Nixon, Dante's Peak, Face Off, Mouse Hunt etc.


L'il babe. We do it for the kids.

Oz "Scrub", Security Guard

My job is, mainly, to sniff a lot. Every morning I head to the office and start checking things out, sniffing things that seem suspect, sometimes I'll even sniff the same thing over and over again. If you ask me why, I'll tell you. Because I'm a professional. Nothing slips by me. I check, double check, and re-check. Let me tell you, I've sniffed so many things by now you'd think I'd be tired. A person would. A person would be tired and in some cases, deeply embarrassed. But not me. I know no bounds of embarrassment. If it's there, I'll sniff it. And that's not all I do. When the mailman comes around I bark and growl and sometimes I even show him my teeth. They're so pearly white they blind him and that makes him drops the mail right there and back out of the office fast. No one here at the Snooze gets mad, except for the occasional, and I repeat, occasional, times during all of the excitement I've had the unfortune of piddling on the floor. Word is that I might get promoted anyway. I think it's because I'm on duty constantly. Nobody messes with me. I'm part wolf-hound.

Blessings from Priest

Wouldn't be right without approval from up above, right?


Blessings from parents too.

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